Upcycled Pallet Daybed Ideas


A daybed is also another important wooden furniture item that is extensively used worldwide. Well, this is basically a wooden couch or sofa, that usually has much wider space than the usual. So this can be used to lie down, that’s why this can be named as a daybed. This is certainly different from the room bed, despite this fact a daybed is widely liked by the interior designers and the professionals as it reflects sheer style and creates impact undoubtedly. So I think making a wood pallet recycled daybed would be really an interesting project for many, use it indoor or outdoor as well.


This is a large wood pallet recycled couch cum daybed with extensive sitting space, and it has got a netting all around which could be used for several purposes. This sort of daybeds could be best used on the balconies, while the entire structure is made with same shipping pallets.
recycled pallet daybed

Now this one is a bit different daybed, this reflects a certain class and taste that specifically belongs to the art fanatics. Despite of the simplest design, it has got may be the best color combination. A bit high from the ground, this can accommodate a couple of persons at the same time.
recycled wood pallet daybed

And this one is apparently inspired from the industrial furniture items. Iron pipes are used all around the wood pallet recycled daybed. It has got built in wheels, and an ultra thick and large foam mattress is placed on the pallet daybed that can be dragged anywhere at you desired spot.
amazing pallet daybed

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Sometimes you might feel like sleeping on the ground due to backache or some other reason, this wood pallet recycled daybed would be the perfect choice for you in such a situation. Just grab a thin mattress lining, place it on the daybed and lie down.
reclaimed pallet daybed

This one really deserves all the admiration and appreciation. This is probably the best wood pallet recycled daybed so far. This has got a proper shape like an actual bed, it has also got a headboard, and in the middle, instead of mattress we have used the grassy layers. This is actually a built in grass field made inside the pallet wood creation.
pallet daybed projects

Wow, the design of this daybed is pretty interesting. This could be a bit confusing when seen from one side, but the good thing is that the whole wooden beauty is the creation of wood pallet planks.
pallet daybed project

This one reminds me of a classic wooden pallet recycled deck, but basically this idea is inspired from the deck, but actually we have recycled a wooden daybed. The design and pattern is kept as simple as possible. This is a perfect outdoor installation for your garden or patio.
garden pallet daybed

While on the end, you can see this comprehensive wood pallet recycled daybed project where we can see a decent daybed. The simplest method is adopted again here, the daybed is very nicely painted and then finally embellished with ultra luxury mattresses and couches.
diy pallet daybed rustic pallet daybed wood pallet daybed pallet daybed ideas pallet daybed bench pallet daybed

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