Pallet Bespoke Reception Desk


Since the wooden pallet recycling has gained a pace and momentum in the art crafts and recycling activities, a large number of people is getting inclined towards this art. As everyone is willing to save bucks and there is a huge positivity in pallet recycling. It is economical, plus the pallets are easily available everywhere, and finally you end up the exact product that you expected because you chalk out the entire pallet wood recycling plan at your own. This universal acclamation has made it a gossip of town. Today we are recycling a pallet bespoke reception desk. Which is used in commercial activities.

Bespoke Reception Desk From Wood Pallets

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A reception desk is associated with all well organized official places where commercial affairs are dealt with. So this is pretty obvious from the title that the desk we are going to recycle today is something that would be used in commercial or business activities.
Upcycled Pallets Made Bespoke Reception

The beauty of this project is that it would entirely be structured using the raw wooden pallets that we have in bulk every here and there. This would be saving you a lot of bucks and you could design it pretty in accordance to your desire and available space.
Pallet Wooden Bespoke Desk

Now let’s have discussion on the feasibility and making of this bespoke reception desk made with pallets. This is a huge and long reception desk carrying a number of drawers which are meant to safeguards some important documents. Plus a huge table space where you can perform some writing tasks. And there is a large portion installed in the window where you would be performing window actions i.e to receive or to handover some documents. The pallets used here are some fresh pallets. While the tiny spaces or open boxes are for some other storage hacks. So this is a perfect wooden installation for your commercial venue made with same raw pallets.
Recycled Pallet Bespoke Desk

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