Wood Pallet Tree Houses


I know you guys are just too smart, you know it all about the tree houses. Still you have to be a bit more familiar with them before we go into the detailed article of wood pallet tree houses. A tree house or a tree fort is basically a platform, or a building that is constructed around a trunk or the branches of a mature tree. And this is also supposed to be above from the ground level. Now if we talk about the purpose and used of tree houses they can be many. They can be used for recreational activities, work space, habitation, or may be just as temporary retreats. Let’s have a few of them.

Pallet Tree House Ideas

The very first one is apparently made primarily for the recreational activities of the kids. Obviously it took a long time for recycling having a complex design and structure. It also took larger supplies of some fresh wooden shipping pallets as well.
Wooden Pallet Tree House

The next one again seems like a perfect theme park for the kids. It has got all the stuff of their joy, a slide, a playing cabin and all. The design is pretty sophisticated primarily meant for the kids with all safety measurements.
Wood Pallet Tree House

This one reminds me of the lake houses built in some hilly areas. This one seems to be the one purely for temporary retreat, when you just feel like spending some moments in the loneliness. But you would have to work pretty harder for getting this dream tree house done.
Repurposed Pallet Tree Houses

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This is rather a wooden pallet recycled compartment pretty high from the ground built around an old mature tree. It has got some glass windows on the front to give it a conventional house look. despite the conventional pattern, it still makes a perfect tree house for work space.
Recycled Pallet Tree Houses

Again a beautiful tree house but this time this is not kept typically above from the ground, may be to ensure the safety of kids. They might be scared of heights or might get harm, still it has got all the necessities of a proper tree house. Finest work of pallet recycling and debarked wooden pieces can easily be observed here.
Recycled Pallet Tree House Plans

This is an ideal wooden pallet recycled tree house made pretty high from the ground. Infact more than a house, this is an ideal sitting plan in outdoor where you can spend some most natural and wild moments along with the friends and family.
Pallet Tree House Projects

Here comes a simple yet cute wooden pallet upcycled tree house. Same typical location is selected for the said project, and this is completely meant to be used for the recreational activities of the kids. They would just love to spend their play hours in this natural and wild atmosphere.
Pallet Tree Houses

And the last one is the most complicated and a perfect wooden pallet tree house. This certainly took a long time for the execution as  whole hut shaped compartment along with the long stairways leading to the compartment was designed. Some other wooden raw pieces are also used in the execution of the project.
Upcycled Pallet Tree Houses Wood Pallet Tree House Ideas

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