Pallet Side Table


A side table is meant to be a table that could be placed in a side or a corner to be used where we could place some of our accessories for sure or may be place some center pieces or vases. So how long can you go in this pursuit of furniture items as they are pretty expensive out there in the market. We could bring you great relief as we are going to make a pallet side table. This pallet side table is obviously going to be recycled with the wooden pallets, and hence it would be damn cost effective. It is not going to bother or embarrass your finances at all that is the beauty of all the pallet projects.

Pallet Side Table with Shelves

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A side table should be quite slim a light weight. It should have some additional racks where a small amount of books could also be kept, or in short and simple words we can safely say that an ideal side table would be a multi purposed table plus very cost effective too. Your pallet side table is going to be extremely in accordance with your desires and expectations. All you have to do is to just take some pain to learn the basic skills of recycling wooden pallets and you are going to make the wonders happen dude.
Pallet Side Table Idea

Now turning towards the basic structure and making of this pallet side table, we can see the whole structure is upcycled with the pallet wood and nothing additional is used as basic material or timber. There are two tiny chambers to place the books while top table could be used to place a vase. There is also some additional space on the bottom where you can place a bucket or any other accessory of immediate need. A perfect match to a regular house hold.
Pallet Side Table

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