Outdoor Pallet Couch Cum Daybed


As you all know that the main theme of our website is wood pallet, it was just like starting from the scrap when not much people were really inspired from the idea. This has been a long tiring journey, yet the moment we started some good response from you guys, we just felt like out of this world. And this is the only motivation that kept us going. So, let’s get to some work back again. Here we are presenting you an outdoor pallet couch cum daybed. Well, this actually won’t be a full fledge bed, but you can optionally use it as a bed too outdoor.

pallet sofa with table

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It is always a great feeling to have some multi purposed wooden furniture item as you have already spent a huge amount on it, but if you could use it for multi purposes, it becomes an additional incentive which is always good to have. But the outdoor pallet couch that we have got here for you won’t cost you at all except a bit of some basic expenses of painting and minor materials. So just get to the work before it is too late, add it in your next wood pallet recycling project.
pallet couch on wheels

This awesome wooden pallet couch cum daybed is a whole treat in itself. I mean its dark brown color just drives me nuts always, the metallic wheels on the base would get your work done so damn easily, without giving you any additional fatigue.
pallet daybed

We have also recycled a complimentary small wooden table too with the same timber that was obtained from discarded pallet wood. Lastly equip it with some stylish pillows and comforters and it is all set to be used anywhere. Use it outdoor or indoor depending on your mood, grabbing it inside would never be hard because of the built in wheels.
recycled pallet patio couch

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