Pallet Rustic Couch + Coffee Table


Sometimes I really feel like I am in a different world that is different from the real world, a world all recycled with the wooden pallet. This is just my obsession with pallet creations that makes me feel like this. There has been a long journey of pallet recycling but I have never felt tired or bored. This is just because these pallet creations are so damn exciting and beneficial that they just never let me get tired. So I feel determined again for making this rustic pallet couch plus coffee table. I have my supplies in bulk, you need to revisit your preparations.

pallet couch idea

Before we get started, have a distant look of this pair having a rustic couch and a coffee table. Just look at the rough texture of wood, despite of all its roughness and deterioration, it still looks pretty charming.
pallet rustic furniture

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And this is the beauty of pallet wood that it would never disappoint you. You can end up making a decent and elegant furniture item, or you can also make such rough textured raw wooden articles just to match to your taste. So this is the freedom for you to just go with your taste and mood.
pallet couch with bookshelf

Now a bit specific about the couch, it carries the same rustic and rough look. It carries a bit of additional storage space right below the seating area, so that is a complimentary feature. While the wood texture isn’t well sanded or stained.
pallet created furniture

And talking a bit about the coffee table, this is probably the simplest one. No complications or complexities of design are encountered during the recycling process. Seems like just pallet planks are picked and joined together without any proper home work, still it looks amazing lying in the room. And this the beauty of pallet wood.
pallet couch with storage

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