Recycled Wooden Pallet Table


Ok, what we have got today for our project? Well, this is again a smart wood pallet upcycled table. This was some initial information about the task of the day, and the other dimensions of this table are going to be explored further in some later steps. I don’t really feel like I really need to deliver a lecture about the importance of a wooden table among the wood pallet furniture items irrespective of the shape and design. But one thing is pretty clear, the table that we are intending to recycle today is going to be a fabulous addition.

Recycled Wooden Pallet Table

Hold your heart and breath because the table I am going to present here has got all what it takes to be a perfect wood pallet table. Well, don’t go on the roughness on the table to, look at it from all the angles as an artist who is in love with some irregular and apparently creepy creations and this would come upto your standards.
pallet wood table

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Some might get confused seeing the width of wooden planks used in the base as legs that they are not part of a shipping pallet, but we have cut them this way and combined the cut wooden planks together for making these differently sized lengths as legs.
recycled pallet table

If we talk about the overall design of the pallet wood repurposed table, this seems like the one that is fetched from a high school class or laboratory. But for our needs this would be a pretty perfect wooden installation.
repurposed pallet wood table upcycled pallet wood table

And overall it has got three different shades, one on the top, rest where the legs are stained in bright white shade, and right on the bottom a wooden panel conjoining both ends which is left unstained. Use it as a dining table, a side table or a mere décor item.
wooden pallet table

Created & Shared by: Frank Thul

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