Repurposed Wood Pallet Tables


If you guys ever ask me that what is my favorite pallet wood recycling project, I would say it outright that the making the wooden pallet recycled tables is the best thing that I really love to do. These stylish pallet wood tables really fascinate me a lot. I have got a huge range of the pallet wood upcycled tables at my home. But still I feel like if I don’t have enough of them as yet. I just thought to share a couple of repurposed wood pallet table ideas with you guys, these inspirations are really worth watching.

deco pallet table

Wow, I am literally loving this pallet wood centre table. This is a bit unique in its design and shape. Though we followed the same typical pattern on the base, while the table top is made pretty cute using randomly colored pallet wood planks. This would make an awesome addition in your house.
Herringbone Pallet Coffee Table

This pallet wood table was made with some mixed sort of shipping pallets where we have had mixed range of shipping pallets, fresh and broken as well. While the wheels on the base are reclaimed from a  kids vehicle which is broken. So this combination really did a great job.
pallet table on wheels

Here we have another cute pallet wood repurposed coffee table. The good thing about this wooden table is the shape and design that we have pursued here, it has got plenty of space inside which would prove to be of great help when we need some additional storage space.
pallet table with storage

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Coming to the next project of the day we see that this isn’t at all a common stuff. We have got the iron material in the base of the table, while the top of the table is all made suing the fresh wood pallet planks. This industrial table would look pretty smart.
reclaimed pallet coffee table

If you got this large pallet wood table, how would you use it? Well, to me this seems like an ideal pallet wooden dining table. This dining table would cater the needs of the entire family. And the good thing is that you don’t need to worry about the pallets, no matter how broken they are.
reclaimed pallet table plan

Wow, this whole set of the pallet wooden coffee tables is pretty cute. Such an awesome color combination is created here. But actually these tiny little tables can also be perfectly used as the wooden pallet stools.
recycled pallet wood table

Here comes a grand wood pallet coffee table, made with the fresh shipping pallets this has got an ideal design that we usually see in the market oriented furniture items. Right below the table top, this has got so much space where a lot of stuff can be placed. This can also be used in outdoor.
table from pallet wood

And the last colorful pallet wood made table was probably made just for the kids. Because the kids are so much in love with the colors, and if you bring your kids this colorful pallet wood table, they would just love it. Bring it out in the open and ask them to use it for their study purposes.
wooden pallet table

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