Pallet Wooden Bar


I am a person who always love to party and that is why I am always very much specific when it comes to the furniture of my indoor and outdoor. And since I have started working on pallet wood work inspirations, it has become pretty handy for me to keep changing my furniture items. As it is always very economical to make the furniture items by recycling pallet at my own. For instance you can see a great outdoor bar here which is made by myself with the help of pallet. This splendid outdoor bar is simply made with some free pallets I had spared in my backyard. No special arrangements were to be made in making this awesome outdoor bar. I just disassembled a couple of pallets and keeping in mind the design, I fixed the wooden planks accordingly with some fine glue and nails, I ended up making this spacious outdoor bar.

Pallet Bar

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Here is another view of huge and tall outdoor bar which is pretty perfect for outdoor servings. Last Christmas I had called on a get together, so I was in dire need of a huge outdoor bar as the beer was main course. So just to create the atmosphere it was necessary to arrange for some bar where I could serve my guest decently. So instead of going for some expensive bar, I opted to make it at my own with the help of pallet. Some special arrangements were made for the inside lighting purpose in this pallet recycled bar where I used some colorful Edison bulbs, and this pallet made bar was a real source of surprise for my friends. They really enjoyed and loved being served on it in the night time.

Pallet Bar CounterThis Pallet Bar is created by: slorgegridlock

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