Wooden Pallets Patio Counter with Stools


Have you ever been to a whisky bar? Certainly you would have been. There we witness a counter having several chairs or high stools in its surroundings for people to be seated. While the person who is serving you some Champaign is on the other side of the counter. While we also see this kind of sitting in the kitchens of some typical LA house holds where moms and house wives serve food to the family members on the counter, and they enjoy the meal while sitting on the counter. This is an amazing feeling of being together and also being close to each other. If you want to fetch this feeling right in your patio, make pallet patio counter with some stools and place it right in middle of your patio. Not only would you enjoy having meal in this atmosphere but you would also enjoy the ecstatic view of your patio.

Pallets Counter with Stools

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This pallet made patio counter is a source of family re union. In today’s busy and messed up life, this sitting arrangement is not less than a mere blessing where you get the time to mix up with your family members in a funky style which is pretty different from typical conventional sitting arrangement. Trust me all your family members and visitors who so ever enjoys here is going to adore you for this amazing addition to your house interior. Pallets Outdoor Counter with Stools

You can see here in the below project, a tall fine counter made with the pallet wood and also some tiny stools which are again the creation of same pallet wood. Now it is totally upto you that how you chose to use it, use it for serving some coffee, or some wine when partying or serve some breakfast to your kids in the morning on this patio counter. Pallets Patio Counter with Stools Wooden Pallets Patio Counter with Stools Wooden Pallets Patio Counter

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