Pallet Toddler Bed Ideas


A bed is supposed to be a bed, but how cum we can categorize it as some toddler’s bed? Well, rationally speaking, if this is holding certain features it could be associated with the toddlers and small kids outright. What are those certain features that are counted in toddlers bed? They can be many like, they should have some protective barriers on both sides, they should be designed interestingly, stained with great colors, and they should be smaller in size relatively. That would make a perfect toddler’s bed. This whole project is dedicated to the toddlers and their pallet recycled beds.

Pallet Recycled Toddler Bed

This could be called as a perfect toddler’s bed as it has got a spacious place for sleeping in the back area with said barriers that would prevent the kid from falling down, and the frontal portion could best be used in his or her play hours.
Pallet Toddler Bed Ideas

While discussing the certain features of a perfect toddler’s bed, the size was a consideration that could make it count as the toddler’s bed. So this pallet wood recycled bed is accordingly sized, and the headboard makes it an attraction for the younger kids to sleep on it.
Pallet Toddler Bed Plans

Another feature was about staining it accordingly, so in this project we left it pretty rustic which was the natural appearance of the shipping pallets. We just sanded it so damn well, and drew some characters on it to lure the toddlers. Infact this is turned into a pirate ship that is something more exciting for them.
Pallet Toddler Bed Projects

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This is just the basic inspiration of a wooden pallet recycled toddler’s bed. We have installed the metallic wheels on the base so that it could easily be moved and dragged. It has got the same barriers on both sides making it a perfect kids bed.
Pallet Toddler Bed

In those certain features, design and shape was also one. So this approach seems to be perfectly applied in this pallet wood recycled toddler’s bed. Despite of staying pretty rustic, its design is a whole attraction for the kids. Armrests like objects would play like the barriers, so a good option to go for.
Pallet Toddler Beds

This pair of toddler’s bed recycled with wooden pallet is an ideal pair for the twins. We have made them with utter concentration, we have sanded them professionally and finally we stained them in a color which is closely associated with the growing kids. They just love this shade, even the bed spread is also an incentive for younger kids.
Pallet Upcycled Twin Toddler Bed

This is a closer look of a DIY project that we had recycled last week. This is just to give you a glimpse of the actual process, how it really goes on. A newly recycled toddler’s bed would be something like this, so give it a try as soon as possible.
Pallet Wood Toddler Bed

And here we just resorted to some whole shipping pallets and we kept it quite low to the ground so the fear of falling down is ruled out straight away. You toddler is quite safe while lying on this one.
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