Wooden Pallet Spring Couch


Ahan, so here we go. I mean did I hear it right? We are going to make a wooden pallet spring couch right? Well, one might become confused that what exactly a spring couch made with the wood pallet should look like, so let me make it clear. This is just a regular couch with some minor modifications where we are going to keep it quite light, and we are going to use something additionally along with the wood pallet that would fetch it a perfect spring couch look. That sounds interesting right? So is going to be the actual wooden pallet creation.

upcycled wood pallet patio couch

This is the very first and raw look of the pallet wood repurposed spring couch. The frontal wooden structure is quite familiar to us as this is entirely made from the shipping wood pallets. It is having many spaces on each tier that is because of the natural shape of the shipping wood pallets.
pallet patio bench

But hang on, what is that on the back of the wooden pallet recycled spring couch? This gives it a perfect look but we have to just figure it out that what exactly it is before one gets started with the creation of the same pallet wood article.
patio pallet furniture

Well, this is actually a headboard that was reclaimed from an old dumped bed that was made of the wrought iron, it became so rustic that we had to ultimately get rid of it. Then while thinking about the creation of this spring wood pallet couch we thought to recycle it.
recyceled pallet wood couch

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Now have a even closer look on the metallic headboard that is attached to the pallet wood couch here. This seems like an embellishment added to the wooden pallet creation deliberately. It has got a really cool and light design that also gives it an industrial touch.
reclaimed pallet wood couch

These wavy curvy designs in the metallic headboard are an appropriate approach for giving it a spring pallet wood couch. On the other hand we also made the wooden structure in the maximum lightest manner. We have kept it sleek and slim too.
spring pallet furiture

And finally we have added some most comfortable cushions filled with the polyester on the top making it a perfect wooden pallet spring couch. One more thing that should be mentioned here that we selected this floral print deliberately to make it closer to the spring season as the flowers are always associated with this certain season.
wooden pallet patio couch

Just to bring about some change we have prepared two similarly stitched and styled cushions, the other one is also having the same kind of floral print. Now it has become a perfect spring wood pallet couch as it is neither heavy nor typically recycled.
wood pallet couch

On the other hand this time we didn’t use the metallic wheels on the bottom as the floor made of ceramic tiles is very much slippery so we just installed the synthetic stoppers on the bottom that would keep the spring couch firm and erected. I hope you guys like this crazy sort of wooden pallet creation.
recycled wood pallet furnitureCreated & Submitted by: Oficina de Palete

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