Kids Bed Houses out of Pallets Wood


Every one of us is damn conscious while selecting the things for their kids. Because when it comes to the choice and ease of your kids, you automatically become pretty critical. Kids obviously require some special treatment. They are always specific about their things. For instance your kid would love to sleep on its own personalized small bed rather than sleeping on a common bed. Even I have a separate place for my kids in my house, they always love to spend time there. And if you are an art loving person and know the basics of wood work, then pallet is something really exciting for you and your kids as well. You could make your kids bed houses out of pallet wood.

As we have mentioned at many places, pallet is something extra ordinarily feasible in making basic furniture items. We have given numerous inspirations of making certain furniture items with pallet like sofa, coffee table, garden chair etc etc. not only this, you have also got the option to make your kids bed houses out of pallet wood. This is not simply a bed, but a proper bed house that gives all freedom and pleasure to your kid.

Kids Bed Houses by Wooden Pallets

For instance here in the first project, all the care has been taken to cater all the basic needs of small kids their choice and priorities. Some plain rough pallet wood planks are used in making this rustic kids bed house, proper color combinations are used in the mattress and cushions. A squared huge window is spared certainly for ample cross ventilation and for the entrance. A small place is also specified for a planter where some fresh plants are placed to make this kids bed house more lively and more eye catching.
Kids Bed House out of Pallets Wood

In another two storey kids bed house, same plain rustic planks of pallet wood are used in making the bed house. But this is not a mere simple kids bed house, it also has some fine shelves in one side where certain center pieces are placed. If you love to decorate your house interior then this one is a great option for you. Not only would it cater the needs of your kids to sleep, but it would also give you the option to place some fine center pieces along the shelves like a couple of photo frames, chess board, or a clock.
Kids Bed Houses From Pallet

You could also be specific about gender. For instance if you are going to make a kids bed for your baby girl, you could give it the shape of some ideally built doll house. As we can see in our next project, though the same wooden planks of pallet are used in making this unique vintage kids bed house, but its hut shaped corners remind us of some doll houses that your baby girl loved all through her childhood. Personalization of the kids bed is also a choice for you, you can specify it according to the gender.
Kids Bed Houses Pallets Build

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This is probably the most rough kids bed house. No special care has been taken when it comes to the exterior or paint of the house. Just some straight plain wooden planks are assembled together on some plain wooden pillars making its base. The same hut shaped room space is pretty spacious for your small kids, and an attached ladder gives him or her the freedom to climb on this house easily any time. This vintage rustic kids bed house is exceptionally great for your kids, they can even play here and spend some best moments of their life in here.
Kids Bed Houses with Pallets Wood

While here comes another greatly designed kids bed house. As you can witness, all the due care has been taken in making this stylish kids bed house. Proper paint has been used, and also the lighting installations are fixed to enhance its beauty and practicality. This double storey kids bed house is an exception, sparkling lights inside the lower tier, and dancing green plants on the upper portion are giving it a more lively touch. And the mattress inside it is making it pretty luxurious for your kids so that they could relax here and enjoy being sheltered here.
Wooden Pallets Kids Houses

Here is a totally different kids bed house. Not only the pallet wood is used in its making, but also some fine planks of driftwood are used in beautifying it further. This is obviously a huge bed house, it is also unique in shape. The whole bed house is pained very nicely in off white color scheme. While the pallet planks are also joined together in a very fine manner. The beautification is also stressed intensely, so much care has been taken in its design and shape. Not only your kid is going to adore it, but you would also love its appearance.
Wood Pallets Kids Houses

I love the hut shaped western countryside houses which remind the vast green areas and villages. Here in this demonstration, once again the same conventional pattern of design is used in making the kids bed house. Though this is relatively bigger than the rest of projects. The wooden planks are assembled horizontally. A small squared window is also spared to imitate the real house. A three step ladder is also placed for the ease of your kids so that they could easily climb up the bed house. While exterior is also decorated to make it look great.
Pallets Kids Bed Houses

In the final kids bed project, the same refined pallet wood is used in making the structure of bed house. The ladder is also matching to the bed house in color. Much care has been taken in decorating the exterior so that the plain wood structure could be compensated. While the inner is very well equipped with luxury cushions and mattress. This house is just above the ground so apparently this is installed adjacent to the wall. The height factor also gives a feeling of being separate from the room. All these kids beds are some real inspirations which you must try at least once in your life time.
Wooden Pallets Kids Bed Houses

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