Shop Furniture Made from Pallet Wood


So far in the pallet projects we had been working on several furniture items for our homes gardens and offices. Today the project we are about to work on is slightly different. Today we are going to make some furniture for the shop with the wooden pallet. Before getting started we have to bear in mind that the furniture needs of a typical shop are certainly going to be different than that of a house hold furniture for sure. So we would be working on different shop furniture items like here in the very first project we see a multi purposed pallet wood long table that is installed along the wall. We also see a number of wall installed wooden shelves that are also recycled with the old pallets.

Furniture Made from Pallet Wood

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In the next one we are seeing a circular round pallet wood table. This is especially designed for a shop having some electronic devices, and the table is designed in such a manner that things could be displayed on it in a very stylish way. This is a multi layered or storey table where we can see circular round tables fixed on long wooden pallet pillars making it look like a modern dining table. One of its middle layer is painted as light blue to create a fascinating contrast.
Pallet Wood Furniture

While in the final project we witness a more of a conventional pallet wooden table. Though it is pretty different in all the dimensions but over all look and design is the traditional one. It is a long wide and tall pallet wooden table designed in such a manner that there is plenty of space below the upper wooden sheet. A couple of straight wooden planks are attached making it look like a shelf where a couple of accessories like hard drives could be displayed.
Pallet Wood Table Shop Furniture Made from Pallet Wood

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