Hanging Bed Swing out of Pallets


In this busy and tiring life, there comes a time when we don’t find time to relax and to get refresh. But this is something that should never be encouraged. It is good to work hard, but you should never compromise over your health because only then you can enjoy all the perks and incentives when you are healthy. So just to relax you guys we just thought to introduce a new and exciting idea of a hanging bed swing made with wooden pallets. This is something pretty different from the conventional wooden pallet furniture items that we have made so far.

pallet swing bed

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I can still remember my golden days of childhood when having a swing was the biggest bribe that could lure me. Going out with parents to such fun places was always a dream which gave us immense pleasure. And even uptill now we are so deeply associated with those childhood swings that we still enjoy the. A domestic swing is probably the best source to refresh yourself. So I strongly believe that making such hanging bed swing would simply be a smashing idea for all segments, adults, kids, and the old ones too.
pallet swing daybed

Let’s have a quick visit of the said pallet product, a hanging bed swing that we have completely made using the pallet wood. Nothing additionally was used in the basic structure of this hanging bed swing. We just planned to keep it straight and simple, so just like a couch without legs, and having a relatively much spacious sitting space, we made in our domestic workshop. We colored it in dark brown as this one looks great in outdoor. And then we fixed four heavy duty chains on all four corners of hanging bed so that it could be hanged like a traditional bed swing.
pallet swing

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