DIY Your Own Pallet Lever / Dismantler


From last couple of weeks we are having massive requests where people are asking us to introduce a domestic or indigenous pallet dismantler. The ones who couldn’t afford the conventional tools that are normally very expensive so they badly needed a substitute that is equally useful and at the same time cheap in price as well. So we were discussing this matter since long and finally we came up with a very cheap yet massively beneficial plan which provided us a with a pallet lever cum dismantler. I think you guys are going to appreciate this idea.

Pallet Lever Pallet Wood Dismantler Simple Dismantler for Pallets

Let’s discuss about the different parts or organs of this indigenous tool. Right on the front we can see a pair of iron made levers, they are certainly the face of the dismantler which are going to get stuck with the pallet wood plank that we are about to pluck or disassemble.
Easy Pallet Dismantler

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A squared pipe length is attached with the levers to strengthen it, this is a basic support for both the levers. It would also work as axle around which the force would be applied and would rest on it. So first you have to get this prepared from some professional owning a furnace.
Pallet Dismantler

On the top we have spared a nail like hook which is going to be used for sticking the lever. This screw is actually to tighten up the wooden stick that would be injected or fixed inside it. Finally stain it finely and your personal tool is all set to be used.
DIY Pallet Lever

Once we were done with the making of this tool we tried and tested it comprehensively in our domestic lab. The average time taken by it is pretty comparable with the market oriented expensive tools that are so high price wise, so it is advised to try this instead of those expensive ones.
Pallet Lever DIY

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