Pallet Wooden Side Table Plan


This pallet thing has literally spoiled me I would say. There was a time when I was literally allergic to the wooden items due to their prices and stuff, but since I have started recycling the wooden pallets, I just think about some idea of wooden furniture. Draw my plan and feasibility, and just start working on that. So today we are bringing you a pallet wooden side table. But take a deep breath dude, this is not that common side table you bought from down town, it is totally different. It is bigger in size, its multi purposed, and it is very attractive at the same time.

Pallet Wooden Side Table

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A side table is needed by every house hold. I mean you just need a new table for every serving, for placing some accessories, or just in front of furniture. So that literally means that you are always in dire need of a good side table, and if it is recycled with the wooden pallet, then its cost would make it even more desirable I am sure. So without wasting any time, let’s have a discussion on the making and designing of this pallet wooden side table plan.
Pallet Wooden Side Table Plan

Well, this is not at all that common tiny side table we usually witness around us. This is long and this is big. It has also got a couple of drawer spaces which are empty so far. You can use these empty spaces just like drawers, while the upper long table could be used to serve a big number of guests. Or you can just put on some house hold accessories. Totally recycled with the wooden pallet planks, this side table is going to cater all kind of your needs. Though this is left unstained but you can stain it according to rest of furniture inside your home.
Pallet Side Table Pallet Side Table Plan Pallets Wooden Side Table

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