Vintage Wooden Pallet Shelf


A wooden shelf is the need of every house, but if it is made in an artistic manner, or say a vintage wooden pallet shelf, I think this would be a surprise for the art lovers. And would be equally beneficial as a wooden pallet shelf. We talked a lot of time about the need and importance of the wooden pallet shelves, so I believe this is pretty established that the wooden shelves are a must have for every house hold. So every one of you would be interested in a wooden pallet repurposed shelf. We better get started before its too late.

pallet shelves

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First of all let me count that what sort of supplies are needed in this process, the most important one are the shipping pallets certainly. And the remaining are the other most common accessories that are used during the common processes of wood pallet recycling. Like a hammer, some nails, glue, sand paper, miter saw etc etc.
recycled pallet shelves

so if you are a regular pallet wood crafter, these supplies would already be there in your backyard or domestic workshop. So in simple words I want to tell you that you must not get worried about the supplies at all.
upcycled pallet shelves

Now have a look on the various features of the vintage wooden pallet shelf. Well we actually used some most broken shipping pallets in recycling this pallet shelf to make it look like the vintage one. We have made it multi tiered so that the maximum storage space could be generated and utilized. And we didn’t paint it either, the same rough look is maintained with a specific purpose. This artistic pallet shelf can ideally be used inside the house to display some decoration pieces or to place some of the accessories.
wood pallet shelves

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