Recycled Pallet Table with Glass Top


No furniture range would be counted to be perfect or comprehensive unless it lacks a proper centre or coffee table or a side table along with it, no matter what material it is made of. Especially when it comes to the wooden furniture range a proper table holds a very important place among the rest. It is that complimentary article that kind of connects the rest of articles with each other generating a similarity. Here we have brought you a pallet wood made table with glass top. We usually add the glass top to enhance the typical outlook of the wood pallet table.

Recycled Pallet Table with Glass Top

The very first frontal look of this pallet wood repurposed table would give you guys a clear picture of what material and in how much quantity was used to complete this certain article. No additional material other that the glass top and the bottom wheels is used in here.
wooden pallet glass top table repurposed wood pallet table

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As we have mentioned the glass top in the title so this feature must be explored first. A glass top gives a fine look to the table and makes it comparable to the expensive branded market based furniture items that are always prevalent in our instinct and mind.
wooden pallet recycled table

The other thing that must not be ignored is the feature of rolling wheels on the base. They were obviously reclaimed from an old broken wooden furniture item that was no more in use anymore so we just thought to make some good use out of it.
recycled pallet wood table

And the table top is also made with a combined pair of whole shipping wood pallets making it look pretty thick and durable as well. I know you guys would agree that the final look of this recycled wood pallet table is simply gorgeous and in none of the ways is it lesser than those market oriented ones.
wooden pallet table

Created & Shared by: Rolf-Günter Dorn‎

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