Reclaimed Pallet Plus Iron Table


Imagine you don’t find a unique table for your living room or want an amazing placement for outdoor setting this pallet plus iron table will suffice the need. Create a rustic table top from well condition pallets and lower stand from iron for firm support. The bulk of pallets in your junkyard can have maximum uses you can think of. Get yourself the pallets along with the necessary materials like wood screw, saw, sander with 60 and 150 grit paper, wood stain (Tung Oil). Look for the most appropriate pallet in your stock. If possible do it yourself otherwise get your pallets broken apart from a nearby carpenter. Then instead of trying to get all the screws out remove what is possible and the rest hammered down.

Pallet Iron Table

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Decide on the pallet table size as per the space you have before making a pallet. Pay special attention to corners and round them off, to avoid sharp edges causing wounds. This table speaks vintage appeal in true sense which you cannot find out there in fancy furniture showrooms. You can enjoy morning breakfast on evening tea with delicious snacks on this pallet plus iron table in outdoor garden. The iron stand is made beautifully to give a rounded bottom and give a strong support to the pallet top.
Pallet Plus Iron Table

With right thought and innovation, the wooden pallets can be transformed into amazing furniture items. This table can work well as coffee table and the iron stand act as sturdy furniture piece which can face wear and tear over time. This pallet made iron table is something build with your own hands thus speaking determination and character. Your friends will love to visit and enjoy coffee on this outdoor table. It does not require you to be master carpenter but the best thing about pallet furniture is that it can be made with run of mill readily available tools and screws.
Pallet Table Ideas Pallet Table Reclaimed Pallet Plus Iron Table

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