Upcycled Pallet Couches


I know many of you have been caught by the pallet fever. This fever never lets you stay idle but compels you to always keep exploring and working on some great pallet wood recycling plans. I can feel the temptation of you guys, because I have always been a victim for a long time. But the good part is that making these pallet wood project is something constructive and beneficial, there’s nothing wrong in that. It keeps you active, saves you a lot of money and provides you with quality stuff. Let’s work on some wooden pallet upcycled pallet couches and sofas here in this article.

Long Pallet Couch

This one is closely similar to my last wood pallet project where I recycled a bunch of old pallets and made an outdoor wooden sofa. This seven seater sofa is designed for outdoor, especially the patio. And so accordingly decorated with cushions.
Pallet Couch Ideas

Now this is something exclusively straight and simple. This wooden pallet couch made with some fresh pallet planks, is again decisive addition in your furniture range for outdoors. It reflects a strange elegance through its squared ends and bright white color that is dominating the entire scene here.
Pallet Couch Projects

This is again the same version of an early discussed pallet wood couch. This is the unstained version of this outdoor couch. Straight pallet wood planks are recycled to make this wooden beauty and lastly left unstained. This maintains a strange feeling of roughness and casual atmosphere here. While the large armrests are a symbol of comfort and style as well.
Pallet Couches

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This is a wider look of the same outdoor pallet wood upcycled couch. This is placed in the patio where you usually spend some quality time along with your friends and family members. This outdoor sofa is a signature of your taste and aesthetic approach.
Pallet Garden Couch

The next one is a huge corner outdoor pallet recycled couch. And its elegance is so eye catching that it would stand tall in the list of attention grabbers. Despite of its rough look and weird appearance, it still maintains a certain decorum of style and class.
Pallet Lounge Couch

And here again we have the repeated inside view of the same pallet wood made couch. As we see there are no cushions or comforters at all, so this is a way of making it look like a casual spot where you can have an informal chit chat and gossip.
Pallet Wooden Couches

This one really deserves your attention again. Its dark and rustic color is a source of attraction for all the art lovers. The ones who know how to do justice with the soul of art crafts. As the art has got its own color and appearance that is unmatchable.
Patio Pallet Couches

And ultimately this three seater is a treat for your patio. You can make it even bigger but here we have made it according to the available space. Its dull grey color is so complimenting the surrounding, and matching comforters are literally enticing to be seated on it and enjoy the weather.
Recycled Wood Pallet Couch

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