Upcycled Wood Pallet LCD TV Cabinet


There was a time when we used to have those old fashioned heavy and robust kind of TV sets at our places. But with the advancement in technology, that robust and curved TV turned into a smart slim and straight LCD, and the size also began to increase and now we have these large slim and flat LCD’s. another change that came along was the price. So how cum we can ignore the safety and protection of these large and expensive electronic devices. For them, we buy different wooden installations like consoles and TV cabinets or stands.

pallet tv stand idea

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So when we have this blessing of wooden pallet recycling, we must not go out there in the market to be looted by the people sitting out there in the market, but we would prefer to make this wood pallet LCD cabinet right at our own place by using the wood pallet. By getting this done we would be saving a lot of bucks, we would have complete command over the design and the shape of TV cabinet, we can match it with the rest of room interior, we can built all the desired drawers and spaces.
wooden pallet tv console

All we need additionally in making this wooden rustic TV cabinet are a couple of stylish metallic handles, just to give it an industrial look. This is a large wooden installation. It has got a large flat surface where the TV set would be placed, it has got built in drawers, where we can preserve some of our valuables, and along with built in drawers it has also got ample open spaces where the supporting devices could be placed. We can use the upper shelves as the display hub of several decoration pieces and photo frames. So this is a complete package of utility, cost effectiveness and décor.
pallet tv stand with shelves

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