Pallet Decorated Shelf


If you are living in an urban setting then you must have a wooden shelf. As we all know that in the urban livings people are just left with congested living spaces that are shrinking more with every passing day. So in such a situation one must work on some storage hack ideas in order to accommodate all of the accessories in a proper manner. But the shelf that we are intending to make today by recycling the pallet wood is a bit different. This would be more like a decoration piece that would fetch some good value to your room interior against a very minor investment.

Pallet Decoration Shelf

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Here we would be generally analyzing the overall look and design of this pallet wood recycled decorated shelf. It seems like a a straight long wooden sheet is carrying a number of sleek and narrow long boxes making it look like a conventional wooden pallet shelf that we have recycled in a large number in earlier projects.
Pallet Shelf

This pallet decorated shelf is not actually meant to carry some of our accessories but is purely made with the intention that it could be used as a decoration piece. And so it is presented here.
Pallet Decoration Shelf

I just can’t doubt its intoxicating looks that it carries. Apparently it was looking just a wooden object like many others but after it has been given the final touch, this literally seems like something phenomenal, something out of this world. And the beauty of making this decorated shelf lies in its cost effectiveness. It is further embellished with rounded stones along with crushed stones, a couple of lighting installations, and some heart touching prints on the sheet. You can place it right inside your bedroom and trust me, the atmosphere which would be created by it would be unmatchable simply.
Decor with pallets wood

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