Simple DIY Ideas for Recycled Wood Pallet Tables


There are various ways to use pallets and turn them in unique pieces of furniture. You can design a particular pallet coffee table with wheels in different sizes with the help of some screws and L-brackets. It will be a good addition to your garden or even living room for additional space. This practical outdoor recycled pallet table will be a good addition in your garden to enjoy some time with your friends and family members. The pallet woods are easily available in serviceable conditions. You have to sand yPallet Coffee Table with Wheelsour wood with the help of a sandpaper and remove all nails and other harmful elements from the wood.
You can design coffee table with recycled pallet wood and have some additional storage area in your living room. The addition of wheels under the table can increase its maneuverability. Make sure to buy durable wheels and an additional board at the bottom will help you keep your additional things. You can increase or decrease the size of the table as per your available space. Carefully check the upcycled pallet wood because the durable wood will be a good investment. If you want to give a unique look to your coffee table, then make sure to use a complimenting paint.Pallet Coffee TableIf you have a tight budget, then use repurposed pallet wood because it can help you to make a durable table. The coffee table with wheels will look really great with its rustic look. You can add additional storage on the table to store wires, chargers, and remotes. The use of pallet wood always look great and cost saving. You can craft a complete set of furniture with the help of wooden pallets. You can keep some decorative items on the pallet wood coffee table with wheels.

Pallet Table with WheelsAre you looking to arrange some celebrations in your house? It is not easy to throw a party because you need to complete lots of arrangements. The most important thing is sitting arrangement and you need sofas, chairs, stools and tables for this purpose. A person with a tight budget may not be able to arrange a complete set of furniture. There is no need to worry because you can use upcycled pallet wood to design large coffee tables. It will help you to entertain a large number of people in your house. A pallet wood large coffee table is always required with double wooden shelves.Pallet Coffee Table

The recycled pallet wood looks really great because you can divide it into strips and boards to construct a durable and beautiful table. The large table with double shelves will provide additional space to keep multiple items. The top of the upcycled wooden pallets should be sanded to remove any inappropriate thing. You need a smooth surface and clean the pallet wood well before using it. A classy and rustic wooden pallet can equally fit your different needs. The wood can suit any design and shape, and the best thing is that you can customize its size.Pallet Wooden Large Coffee Table

Make sure to check either the upcycled pallet wood is chemically treated because it can be the reason of skin allergies. Organize all tools and measure the available space to appropriately cut the wooden boards to design a large table. You can add wheels under the legs of the table to make its movement easy. You may keep it either in the garden area or in the living room. Use white or yellow paint to make it beautiful. The Pallet Wooden Large Coffee Table will be an excellent choice for a person who have a limited budget and can’t afford expensive furniture.

Do you want to make the outdoor area of your house look attractive and want to make that place easy to sit and enjoy? There are some people who can’t afford big furniture for their outdoor area and garden area and they want to put some furniture in that place so they can sit and relax and enjoy the evening time and cold nights out there. So there is a great option for you by introducing this fantastic very reasonable in budget Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels for you. It will give a good look and make your outdoor area a better place to sit and enjoy.Cute Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels

This huge Pallet Coffee Table is available for you in different styles and also in different colors so you can easily select the one according to your house color scheme. The good thing about this table is that you can easily move it anywhere and place it where ever you want. By keeping this table on your garden are you can give a warm welcome to your guest and also make them enjoy the weather.Cute Pallet Coffee Table

This Pallet Coffee Table is simply ideal for parties and big gatherings and you can easily utilize it and make a good sitting arrangement by adding this into the sitting arrangement and more people can easily enjoy the meals when you will place this table. So you do not have to worry about buying a new furniture for your party, this large Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels will give enough space for your guest to sit comfortable. You can also place it to another place when the party is finish and if you only need a couch to sit so this table can easily be removed because it is on wheels so you do not have to pull it hard.

Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels Pallet Coffee Table Pallet Wood Coffee Table

Coffee table is designed in different styles to give beautiful and impressive look to the home. People like to have unique coffee table to place it in their drawing or living room. When family gathers in the leisure time, then they enjoy with coffee or tea and place the utensils over it. Most of the time, flowers vase or any decoration piece is placed there on the coffee table to give enchanting and elegant look to the room. You can make the upper surface of the coffee with wood or place glass simply to have smooth and even surface over the table.Pallet Coffee TablePallet woods are used in the preparation of pallet coffee table and you can make the drawers under the upper surface of the coffee table. These drawers or space under the table can give enough space to place the magazines, or reading material.Pallet Wood Coffee TableThis pallet wood coffee table is looking great as the upper surface is made even with the beautiful and unique style of joining of pallet woods. These pallet woods are cut at 45 degree angle and join with each other. The different colors of pallet woods give beautiful and stunning look to the pallet coffee table. You can place the pallet coffee table in the same texture to give rustic look or paint it in bright and decent colors. This pallet table has the medium size and you can serve tea or coffee to your guests. As it is small in size, so you can shift it from one place to other easily. The legs of the table are looking strong and durable so it can support its weight. As you have limited seating arrangements in the room, so this pallet table can be adjusted at any place easily. This rustic look of the table gives wonderful look to the room.
Pallets Coffee TableIn almost all of the houses, coffee tables are necessary to place in their living and drawing rooms. These coffee tables are made with wood or iron and it is found in different styles. It is habit of people to design their homes in their own style, so they make or buy coffee table in their preferred style. Coffee table is necessary part of the furniture, so people select coffee table keeping in view the style of other furniture. It is placed in front of sofa or chairs with flower vase or decoration pieces in its middle.Cute Pallet Coffee TablePallet coffee table is great choice of people and people like to use it for the enhancement of beauty of their homes. Pallet coffee table can be made with the combination of some pallet woods by arranging them in particular style and design.Cute Wooden Pallet Coffee TableThis pallet coffee table is made with pallet wood but the frame of the table is made with iron bars. When you make this frame or structure with space at the ends, then it becomes easy to place the pallet woods in between these bars after cutting them according to the length of the bars. In this pallet coffee table, you will find another platform under the upper platform, but it is small in size and gives enough space to place extra things or reading material over it. The pallet woods can have some loop in middle part so you can remove it by placing glass over it. In its raw shape, it gives the rustic look but you can also paint it in bright and dark colors to give wonderful look to the table. People can watch this cute pallet coffee table attentively and they can try it in their home, which is very economical and durable and can be made in very short time.
Cute Wooden Pallet Table Pallet Coffee Table Wooden Pallet Coffee TableTable is the necessary item in your furniture and it gives convenience while it is placing in your drawing, living or dining room. The tables have different functions according to their placement and people like to use them for their comfort. The pallet wood tables are easy to make because there is no formal procedure or method to complete them. You can make big size of table, which can serve more and more guests in better way and you can have another option to make the pallet table with another platform below the upper surface.Pallet Wood Made TablesPallet woods are great to make these pallet wood tables. You can get some pallet wood and make the structure or frame and fill the upper surface with similar size of pallet woods. As there is no design necessary in the pallet wood table, so their legs are thick and have enough strength to stand on it.Pallet Wood Table IdeasThis pallet wood made table is great option. You can erect the four posts and make two platforms with pallet woods. One is added on the upper side and the second is below the upper platform. The rustic shape of the pallet woods can give excellent look in the drawing room. The pallet woods have uneven surface so it becomes difficult to place things over it. So you should place glass over it to have even and smooth surface. The flowers are placed in its centers and the lower platform is used to place reading material, newspapers or magazines. Now your drawing room can have the antique look with this table and it will look better with new sofa and other furniture. Such pallet wood made table can be very economical and durable and it can be prepared with less effort and its simple style can be looked great when it is placed in the drawing room.

Pallet Wood Table Pallet Wood Tables Pallet Wooden Table Pallet Wooden Tables Pallets Made Tables Recycled Pallet Wood Made Tables Upcycled Pallet Wood TablesAs this is the Information technology period and most of the people have their own PCs in their homes. They use their computers for different purposes and it is also necessary for the students to do their study and search their reading material from the internet. They have to place their computers on the computer table. Some people want to buy new computer table from market but the most economical way, is to make pallet computer table at their own home with less effort and in short time. Pallet computer table can help in cutting short the budget and it is very durable.Pallet Computer TablePallet computer table is easy to make and it is economical as it can be made with some pallet woods. You need to get some pallet woods and make the design of the basic structure of the pallet wood computer table. After finalizing it, you can add some pallet woods to finish its shape.Pallet Made Computer TablePallet computer table with this design and style as it very convenient to make and it can be shifted from one place to other. You can make the basic structure of pallet computer table and design it in Z shape. T make it more durable, you can join the lower ends with each other through adding the bar and also make the frame on the upper side. They add some pallet wood on the upper platform and fill the gap of the frame. As you have to place the computer over it, so you need to place glass on the upper platform and get the smooth surface. In the middle of the upper platform, you can make a sliding platform to place keyboard, as you need to work through this keyboard. If you follow this style, then you can make it at your own, which is economical and durable.
PalletTable Pallets Table Ideas Pallet Table Ideas Pallet Made Table Pallet Wooden Computer Table Cute Pallet Computer TablePallet Bedside Tables

Bed side tables are necessary to place beside the bed for different purposes. Bed side tables are mostly used to place table lamps, which are lit at night and make room luminous. Most of the time, people buy their beds and bed side tables in similar design and shape. The material of bed and bed side table is also same, which gives wonderful look of the room. These bed side tables also have two or three drawers, which gives ample space to store small things in it.Pallet Bedside TablesPallet bed side tables are prepared easily in less time. People have to design their shape and join different pallet woods with each other. They need some pallet woods and cut in the particular shape and design so that it can be joined with nails.Pallet Side TablesPallet bed side table has different and unique design as you did not watch such bed side table. It is designed in Z shape and the basic structure is made with iron material. It is prepared with the welding of different parts of metal and on the upper surface; the pallet wood platform is made and give it smooth space to place different things over it. Pallet TablesThe pallet wood is used on its sloping side and have obstacle at the end to give space to place reading material or magazines over it. This pallet wood can be moved easily and it is also durable. It covers less space but there are no drawers to store small things in it. These bed side tables are simple but trendy and give different look to the interior side of the room. You can look at this different style of the pallet bed side table and try at their own homes. You will enjoy this pallet bed side table and place beside your beds.

Pallets Wood Side TablesPallet Wooden Side Table Rack

Have you seen some pallet wood recycled furniture prior to visiting this site? Certainly you would have seen it somewhere in any house hold or in your friend’s house or even in some restaurant. Wooden pallet made furniture items have become so rapidly common in our daily life that it has become the need of hour. Recycling is just like giving a new life to some trashed thing, and pallet is most common of these materials that are being recycled widely. Here is a great idea of recycled pallet wooden side table rack for you.

Pallet Side Table RackThis pallet wooden side table that could also be used as rack is a great option for you to place it in your lobby or even in living room. It is going to cater all your needs that you expect from a side table or rack. This is going to be a perfect place for many of your accessories like your collection of weekly magazines, some fine crystal glass made vases, decorative lamps or some other decorative center pieces that you are not interested in placing on some specified shelves. And at the end of the day its not going to be a burden on your pocket as well.
Pallet Table RackAs you can see in the project below, some raw wooden pallets are repurposed as this side table rack. They are not stained or painted but left in their natural color but amazingly they still look cool. This two tiered side table is pretty spacious enough to handle the piles of your room accessories that you always want to remain present right in front of you. You have also got the option to paint it matching to the rest of your furniture but its rustic color is probably more fascinating than being stained.
Pallet Wooden Side Rack Pallet Wooden Side Table Rack Pallet Wooden Table RackLittle Pallet Table

A table is certainly an integral part of a sitting arrangement and an important article among the common furniture items. What a furniture table is supposed to do? This is obviously designed in a manner that it could cater your needs of placing some of your accessories on it right in front of you while the accessories are still in your access and you can pick them just by extending your hand. Sometimes it is also meant to compliment the rest of the furniture. So this time we are planning to make just a little table by recycling pallet wood.

Little Pallet TableWhen you are having the blessing of wooden pallet then you just don’t need to worry about the finances at all. You just have to plan what you exactly want for your sitting arrangement, think about the design, work a little bit on the feasibility, and this is going to be just a think done like situation for you if you are a true crafter and know the art of recycling. And trust me repurposing wooden pallet is also going to be a real time fun activity. Plan working on this project in your summer schedules.
Pallet Table IdeasJust look on this little art craft, this is entirely made by recycling the pallet wood. No additional materials are used in making this little beauty. Though some color scheme is employed in further beautification of the table. Its four legs and the base is stained into bright white color while the upper surface is left just in its natural rustic wood color. Though some absolute sanding is done pretty decently to make its rough texture smooth. And now this is all set to be used, you can place it indoor in your living room or even in the outdoor especially in your patio.
Pallet TablePallet Farm House Style Table

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What do you expect from a farm house style table? It should be big, it should be wide, at it must have the potential to bear the weather changes and what else? This certainly should be durable and strong enough to bear the heavier loads as farm houses are always meant to be hosting a huge number of guests or visitors. So this becomes pretty obvious that you are going to serve a huge number of people at the same time in a relatively bigger and wider premises. So its just like all of your concern is addressed and you’ll be having exactly what you want. Shape size color design each and every thing would be just the way you want it to be. And this is going to happen by upcycling the same raw wooden pallet that we have repurposed countless times in earlier articles.

Pallet Farm House Style TableAs we all know that a farm house is supposed to be a huge premises where we often make celebrations and get together. So the furniture lying here should be designed and selected accordingly. It should be pretty big, spacious and durable as well. Now have a look on our project of the day. This certainly seems to be a perfect match to your farm house requirements. It is big, it is spacious and it is upcycled with wooden pallet, its wood is quite capable of tolerating the weather extremes. So this is just like a package having all your demands met sufficiently. Look at its color, this is not stained as it has to be placed in the outdoor, so it is left in its same woody color. Though the legs are stained as dark brown to give a contrasting look. This is definitely a master piece for your farm house.
Pallet Farm House TablePallet Chair with Side Table

We have upcycled countless items with the wooden pallet ranging from storing items, beds and coffee tables, window boxes, shoe cabinets or racks, comfortable rockers, a wooden pallet could be anything but just waste timber. We also know that a number of companies are dependent of fiber from wood recycling, then why not to try to attain all these benefits for your home interior in making several practical art crafts? These wooden pallets could be combined, remolded, and fixed up in your landscape, your patio or even your living room as chairs, bookcases, tables and beds. You just have to make a plan and work a little bit on its feasibility, and the pallet wood is always there to translate your imagination into some practical art crafts.

Pallet Chair with Side TableThroughout the website our main focus has remained on the recycling process. The person who is as enthusiastic as us about reducing the amount of trees being cut down , only he can understand the real essence of our objects. And he would be the one who would always prefer repurposing the wooden pallet, instead of going out in the market buying some expensive branded furniture items instead of upcycling the wooden pallet.

Pallet Side TableSo every one of you who is fond of recycling the pallet wood, we have brought you another amazing inspiration of recycling the wooden pallet into a chair along with a side table. Look at the design and texture of the set, this is not a common chair we normally see. But this is different with a relatively wider seat and back as well. While the tiny table is also having similarity with the chair, one of these similarities is the carved star mark on both of them. This pair is painted white making it perfect for your patio sitting.

Pallet Chair Pallet Chair IdeasWooden Pallet Round Tables

Round table conferences are meant to be the places where some serious matters of international significance are discussed. But the round table especially are associated with the dining purpose. Though they are not necessarily used for mere dining purpose and they can be used for multi purposes. You can use them to place some of your accessories that are of immediate nature, you can serve some hot coffee or tea on them to your guests. But most appropriately they could be used for serving the meals depending on their size. We have brought you an idea of recycling the wooden pallet round tables that are specifically designed and textured to be placed in your patio or your garden.

101palletfurniture.comWood is really an amazing material that would allow you to translate your ideas into practical furniture items. It is damn user friendly, though the wood used in its making it not that high quality wood, but still it can be repurposed to some of the finest art crafts. You do not need to go out in the market and buy some expensive furniture items for your house hold. But you can design shape and make them at your own according to your own choice and priorities. All you need in this regard is just some basic know how of wood work, some real passion of recycling the wooden pallet, and ofcourse a pile of some trashed pallets.
Pallets Round TablesNow look at the structure of these round tables that are upcycled with the pallet wood. The entire round table, its upper surface and even its base is made by repurposing the wooden pallet. The entire timber used in making this art craft is pallet wood. This is a perfect round table to be placed in your garden, serve your guests with meals or cappuccino.
Pallet Tables Pallet Round Table Ideas Pallet Round TablesReclaimed Pallet Office Table

It is pretty hard now days for me to wake up early in the morning and going to the office for me due to the weather extreme going on. But still one has to manage to go to the work whatever the circumstances are. This is the only way life moves on. I have made my office a luxurious one so that I may not get bored with the setup because it is the place where I have to spend most of my time. Do you remember my wooden pallet recycling ideas which I have implemented in my house? I have planned to bring some of them to my office because the thing made with the pallets are doing so great at my house that they must be given a chance even in my office as well.

Pallet Office TableWe have upcycled countless furniture items with the pallet. We have made luxury sofa, coffee table, racks and shelves, couch and corner couch and what not. This is all possible when we are having enough supplies of pallets. And pallet is not anything that is hard to find, every one of us knows that. We all have piles of pallets in our backyard so it is not a big deal to arrange for some pallets.
Pallet TableLets discuss about the possibility of making a reclaimed office table that is made with the wooden pallet. In an office table we certainly need some spaces like drawers or shelves to place our files and other accessories. So this office table is designed accordingly having certain spaces like tiny shelves. Here is a pallet made office table that is most appropriate for the office usage. It has reclaimed legs that are metallic ofcourse, but the upper portion of the table is made by repurposing the wooden pallet.
Reclaimed Pallet Office TablePallet Recycled Side Table

Today we are geared up to make a pallet recycled side table. It has been a pretty long journey of recycling the pallet furniture. We have used pallet in making countless practical items to be used in our daily house hold. Even the tables have a variety of purposes to serve, they vary in size shape and color according to their usage. But more or less, a table is need of each and every house hold. Furniture or any sitting arrangement is pretty incomplete without proper table. So today we have plans to make a side table by recycling the wooden pallet. We have worked earlier on several furniture projects. Where we have made corner couch, luxury sofas, benches, coffee tables etc etc. all of these projects have served us in a best manner in our daily practical life so far. So keeping in view the utility gained by them today we have plans to make a side table just by using the pallet wood.

Pallet Recycled Side TableNow coming towards the project we can see the entire structure of the table is made with the wooden pallet and nothing else. It also has a unique shape which we do not normally see in our daily life. Its four reclaimed legs are also made of wooden planks which are gained by disassembling the pallets. Its upper most portion is having a kind of carving which makes it more pretty, while on the lower surface two pallet sheets are combined together in a triangular shape giving it a unique style. While the base of the side table is also made much durable by fixing some additional panels of wood on the lower surface so that it may carry heavier weights. Finally some good sanding is done and the side table is all set to be used.
Pallet Side TableDinning Tables Out of Wooden Pallet

Dining table is necessary to place in your home and you can take meal sitting beside it. You can get dining table of your choice, which can be small or big but it should be looking good as it can give extensive space to place the dishes over it and you can dine with your family and relatives. You can have dining table of your choice and most of the time, wooden dining table is preferred as it looks excellent and great by placing in your home.Dinning Tables Out of Pallets The pallet wood is great option to make the dining table out of pallet. You can use these pallet woods to make dining table of your own choice and place it at the same place, where it looks best and suitable. These pallet woods can be used in their rustic shape and color or you can paint it in your desired color.Dinning Tables Out of Wooden Pallet

These pallet dining table can be made with the pallet woods in similar length. As it is painted in the brown color, so it looks great while placing in your kitchen. These pallet dining table are great for two people to dine while sitting in their kitchen. It is small and can be placed at one side in kitchen. The pallet woods are looking durable and its legs are strong enough to support it standing there. It gives enough space to place many dishes over it as well as some plates, which are used in taking meal. Dinning Tables

You can place two chairs along its length in the opposite direction and both people can have easy access on both ends of the table to take the dishes. These pallet dining table can give your kitchen rustic look and you will enjoy while sitting beside it and enjoy with your family and friends.

Wooden Pallet Dinning Tables

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