Pallet Patio Furniture Set


There are a number of fellows who immediately start blushing whenever they come across some project that is related to the patio, and I know that very well. That is why we most often keep bringing some wooden pallet furniture ideas and the most encouraging thing is that we always have very supporting and appreciating response from you guys. So, as we have clearly mentioned this in here that this is going to be a pallet patio furniture set. So when we talk about a set then it is not about a single furniture article but a whole comprehensive furniture range.

pallet patio furniture set

So we are beginning from here. From a distant view we see here a number of wooden pallet recycled chairs and right in the middle we see a pretty high wooden rustic table which is sized a bit differently like high than the normal ones.
outdoor pallet furniture

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If we talk about the both articles separately, the centre table is designed in a certain manner, we have created some built in space right in the middle for storing the beverages or beer bottles. So this would be most easy to serve the beverages from here for your guests as they would be in your immediate access.
pallet wood table

Actually the top of the table is covered with a removable wooden slab that can be removed when you have to raise the bottle container. Obviously the measurements and cuttings were the most complicated in this task. But ultimately we ended up making something exceptionally great.
wooden pallet furniture

And finally the chairs are also designed very smartly, like we don’t happen to see this kind of creations much. The bottom of the chairs is also unusually high just to match the height of the wooden pallet table. This is such a great and useful combination that would make your patio a place worth spending time in.
pallet recycled furniture pallet wood chairCreated & Submitted by: Namestaj od paleta – eco wood line

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