Pallet Wall Desk with Recycled Pallets


What exactly do you conceive from the word desk? A desk or bureau is a piece of furniture and also a basic type of a table normally used in schools and offices for some official use. Like you can use it for writing or reading purpose, or you can place a computer on it. So let’s make one for our space with the recycled pallets. This desk is going to be a typical wall desk that we would use to place our computer along with the rest of accessories. This certainly would be pretty different from common computer table. Whenever it comes to the purchase of some wooden furniture for our home or office, we are terrified to imagine the anticipated prices as the wooden products are pretty expensive out there in the market.

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Pallet Wall Desk with Recycled Pallets

So this was another big reason which compelled us to start recycling the wooden pallet to have all kinds of furniture items at our own free of cost. Only some basic trivial expenses occur throughout the whole procedure of recycling. Same is going to be the case with this pallet wall desk. We are going to use mere pallet planks in making this unique pallet desk. Not only it would provide us with ample space to place our computer on it, but it would also compliment a lot to our home interior as well. Look at the wall desk above painted as dark green, which is typically an official color for mediocre offices. This is a huge multi storey wall desk which is totally recycled with the wooden pallet. There is also a tiny stool to be seated just in front of this pallet wall desk. The stool is also recycled with the wooden pallet. So this is a great amalgamation of beauty and style.
Pallet Stool

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