Recycled Wood Pallet Couch Cum Bench


When I was beginning with my pallet wood recycling work, I had huge resistance from friends and family. They just though that this is some pretty useless stuff to get stuck to. They asked me to go for some other options, but since the time kept passing and I kept introducing ever new wooden pallet creations inside the house, the entire family just became convinced. They realized that this is something worth giving time to. That was just a note from the past, and in the present we bring you a recycled wood pallet couch cum bench.

wooden pallet couch

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The things for multiple purposes or tasks have always been a great thing to work on. We people here in west are so damn conscious about the utility of things and the money spent on them. We always make very smart comparisons and measure the things in terms of their utility and benefits. So following the same approach recycling a pallet couch which could also be used as a mere bench is really a very smart approach. And the beauty of this project is that it would take nothing other than a bunch of pallet wood, your time and skills for sure.
pallet made couch

This huge pallet couch cum bench is a real starter for the beginners as it holds no complex design or some additional features that could leave the beginners in mess. Its style is pretty straight and simple. A wide and huge sitting space along with a compatible back that makes it pretty comfortable. The rest depends on your own choice that if you want it to stay the way it is, or you can add a number of cushions and comforters as well. In every way it would look quite gorgeous inside your home, just place it wherever you want and enjoy.
recycled pallet couch

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