Recycled Pallet Wood Bench with Round Table


So far, we have created a number of wooden pallet repurposed benches and tables especially for the outdoor spaces. It has got a certain reason behind the creation of wooden pallet benches just for the outdoor spaces like we have got a whole long history of this strange affiliation of the wooden benches with public places and gardens. Even in literature and stories we would read about a bench lying in the garden. So this is a close affiliation. So we have just revived this affiliation and today we have come up with a recycled pallet wood bench with round table.

Recycled Pallet Wood Bench with Round Table

This is a close look of the wooden pallet repurposed bench that we have created for the garden or the patio. Just look at the shine of this beautiful wood pallet repurposed bench, this is so glowing and appealing that it seems like some branded wooden furniture item.
pallet wood bench

Here we have presented the entire range that we have especially designed for the garden. This time we have opted for a very classic design that is entirely different from the ones that we have recycled earlier. So this was certainly a complicated wood pallet project.
pallet wood furniture plan

Look at the side of the wooden pallet bench, we can clearly see that very thick wooden slabs are used all around the bench. The legs of the bench are designed, shaped and carved in a very artistic manner. Despite of the rustic shade this still looks pretty perfect for the purpose that it is made for.
repurposed pallet bench

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If we look at the sitting space of the bench, that is pretty slim. As compared to the seating space, the back of the wooden pallet bench is quite wide. And again this is not simply made and designed, we see some very artistic patterns throughout the back.
upcycled pallet bench with table

And the other aspect of this beautiful wood pallet upcycled furniture range is this round table that is also equally beautiful and eye catching. Again we have resorted to a relatively difficult pattern that we usually restrain from. But this one was probably meant to target the audience that is very much familiar with the wood pallet projects.
recycled pallet wooden furniture

Another thing that we always keep in mind is the quality of the wood pallet that we consumed for this specific wood pallet project. We have used some average shipping wood pallets quality wise and we have done some professional finishing shining and smoothening up of the texture.
wood pallet bench with round table

As far as the posture is concerned, this wood pallet upcycled bench would offer you a very comfortable posture allowing maximum relaxation to your spine. And if we talk about the shape of the table, it has also got very exclusively smart shape.
wooden pallet bench and table wooden pallet bench

The little wooden trey right below the table top that was a design requirement is also an incentive for some additional space as the table top is a bit too small so the lower portion could also be put to use. This whole range would create a literally romantic atmosphere in your garden
pallet patio furniture

Created & Shared by: Guam’s Pallet Gal & Guy

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