Pallet Seater with Planter Box


Ever since I am indulged in this pallet wood recycling stuff, my mind never stays at rest. It always keep exploring some ever new ideas. Sometimes these ideas a apparently insane and rubbish, but the end result is always very encouraging. I name these pallet wooden insane ideas as pallet wood extravaganza. That means that when you are over stuffed with piles of pallet wood in your backyard then you just can not sit idle, many ideas are stuck in your mind and just like a true crafter you just go on making experiments like one insane idea of pallet seater with planter box. Now this pallet seater with planter could sound a bit silly to the ones who are not regular pallet crafters. But the ones who know the craving and lust towards the pallet wood recycling would totally understand and agree to the essence of this insane idea.

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Pellet Seating with Planter Box

This pallet seater with a planter is just a sort of pallet extravaganza. This is not that traditional seater that is just meant to provide you with some sitting space. But it would also be having an additional feature of a planter that is simply love for the gardeners and the ones who are addicted to planting. Some people are so damn fanatic for greenery that they just want it all around them. Home, garden, patio, rooms, like everywhere. So this one is most appropriate choice for such souls. This is apparently a simple pallet wooden seater or a mere bench, but on the back an additional space is created with a view to plant some shrubs that you like. Its back and side spaces are simply more than enough to be used as a spacious planter. This is a new creation to our pallet wood item list.
Pellet Seater with Planter Box

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