Recycled Pallet Strandkorb Chair


People who live in such areas where there is sea in surroundings, for them I believe the biggest entertainment is going to beach. Not only for them but almost all of us like going there. Although we have to stay very cautious while wondering around the beach. So we are discussing it here that simply means that we have got something for you guys that is associated with water and beach. Yes you guessed it pretty right, we have brought today a strandkorb pallet wooden chair. A strandkorb actually isn’t a mere chair but a whole set up.

Pallet Strandkorb Chair

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There a number of pallet wooden creations that are associated with other places but we use them domestically like we have created the pallet wood bar for the house, we have made many café wooden furniture items that we are still using inside the house. So that means that the strandkorb isn’t meant to be used essentially on beach only, you can also use it domestically just to bring about some change or when you are fed up of some conventional wooden furniture ides and want some different sort of experience then you can try this out, but be prepared this isn’t that simple as a wooden pallet repurposed chair.
Strandkorb Chair made with pallets

As we said earlier that the strandkorb isn’t mere a wooden chair but sort of whole set up. As here we can see a compartment like wooden object which is quite big, it has got a proper shade on it that prevent the direct sun rays. It has got ample space on the front where certainly one would sit. It has also got a little drawer on a side which would be used for the storage. This is more of a covered and safe kind of wooden pallet furniture item which is pretty different from the conventional wooden articles.
Pallet Wood Strandkorb Chair

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