Garden Pergola Pallet Furniture


Ever since I have started the wood pallet recycling it feels like a kind of day dreaming is going on with me. Like I am always up with different wooden pallet recycling projects. Even when I am not up with the wooden pallet recycling I keep thinking about the different pallet wood inspirations. But this isn’t a bad thing at all I feel, this is a kind of new exploration where I am making the houses much prettier and that too pretty free of cost. Let’s talk about a grand pallet wood garden pergola along with the pallet wood furniture.

pallet lounge furniture

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First have a look on the furniture that we have prepared especially for the garden. It includes different wooden furniture articles like a pair of two seated couches, a three seated couch and a wood pallet upcycled table that we have placed in the middle.
pallet patio furniture

Have a distant look of the set up and just imagine that you are sitting at that very couch in some rainy season and your top is also covered with a wood pallet pergola and you are enjoying the rainy season along with a cup of coffee in your hands.
pergola furniture made with wood pallets

And this is the other side of the venue where we see a number of additional pallet wood repurposed creations that we didn’t discuss earlier like we a see a couple of wood pallet planters filled with fresh plants and green foliage. And in the surrounding we see a grand wooden shade that is actually a pergola which is one of the trendiest and most fascinating pallet wood installations that we see in very well established houses usually. I think this is literally more than perfect for your garden or patio wherever you intend to create this entire set up. Enjoy the garden pergola and pallet wood furniture.
pallet pergola furniture

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