Pallet Shabby Chic Dining Set


Well, before we get started with this smart and stylish pallet wood made shabby chic dining set, let me remind you guys that we have been through countless wooden pallet made dining tables in many of the earlier projects. But most of the time our main focus has remained on their outlook, like we were not tolerant for any flaws and if there were any we tried to camouflage them with best possible opportunities whether involving the skills or techniques whatever it took. But here we are going to maintain this shabby look pretty deliberately, later on you guys would realize the beauty.

Pallet Shabby Chic Dining Set

We were really done with those fancy sort of wooden pallet made creations where we used several compounds and shiners for the finishing and treatment of the wood structure. We did all possible things to give it a perfectly market oriented look.
pallet dinning table

But here we have made up our mind to keep the shabby look in chic dining set. That means that we are not at all willing to give this time any extra attention to the finishing of the wooden pallet dining range. Although we are a bit cautious about the selection of the shipping wood pallets.
pallet dinning table idea

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Here we see the side look of the shabby dining table, well, honestly speaking we have done complete justice with the shape and texture of the said wooden pallet creation. Like it holds a perfect shape and very broad and wide serving space that is obviously a good thing.
patio pallet dinning table

While the chairs are given the same typical look that we normally see in the common chairs that are meant to be placed outside the house in the garden or the patio. Same congested sitting space with a smart back that still ensures a proper and relatively comfortable posture.
recycled pallet dinning table

The main thing that is pretty dominant in the entire process is the amateur staining of the wood pallet upcycled dining table. Like we haven’t maintained a certain shade on the furniture, we can just see some raw and crazy strokes of brush with a very creepy and crazy touch.
paito pallet dinning table

That is the thing that was done on intention to maintain this shabby look. Just a slighter touch of fineness is given through the staining of the bottom of the dining table with a brighter shade that would literally glow in the sunshine. This makes a perfect sitting arrangement in your garden.
repurposed pallet dinning table upcycled pallet dinning table
pallet dinning chairs
wood pallet dinning table

Created & Shared by: Guam’s Pallet Gal & Guy

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