Reclaimed Pallet Wood Storage Benches


A wooden storage bench ia an attractive and functional welcome addition to your home. It fits very well in a traditional home decor. The Storage Bench is mostly made of manufactured wood to ensures strength and durability. The beautifully crafted design adds a stylish look to its simplicity. Its distinct feature is a low back and sides, combined with a huge cabinet with one or two storage compartments to hold your home essentials like newspapers, shoes, books, blankets, sheets, and more. It has a wooden top attached to the body with hinges. It makes a confortable seating space for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen and even your outdoors. A cheaper version of the seating bench is the reclaimed pallet wood storage bench.

Pallet Storage Bench Ideas

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The first impression of a wood pallets is that they are ugly, cheap discarded wood pieces that most people least bother about to be used or reclaimed again for kindling. The pallet wood is essentially like Legos for adults for they can be transformed  into anything with least effort or skill. The pallet wood is easy to find. If not available at your place, you can find their set in some wood shop near your place. The pallets have to be chosen with great precision and care. The reclaimed pallets should not be too old to hold the project for a long time. A pallet too old might not be able to sustain drilling, nailing etc.
Pallet Storage Benches

Collect suitable reclaimed pallet wood. Separate the planks with crowbar or hammer. Create the pattern in black and white to help while working practically. Arrange the reclaimed pallets to give shape to the compartment. The reclaimed pallet wooden storage bench can be a square or a rectangle in shape. Add the lid by attaching it to the compartment with hinges. The bench will have a shorter back and the sides made out of the pallet wood. There are unlimited reclaimed pallet projects and this one can be a useful one for your home. So create your reclaimed pallet project and have happy storing.
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