Recycled Pallet Bed Headboards


While talking about a wooden headboard, what exactly comes in your mind? I mean how they should be shaped? What material would be perfect for a great headboard? Well, the priorities might vary person to person. What I have learnt throughout my wooden pallet recycling journey is that anything that we recycle with wooden pallets, this should leave an impact. Because unless it is not worth leaving an impact, your all effort would go wasted. Talking specifically about the wood pallet recycled headboards, here are some classic wooden pallet headboards. Make one for your room bed if it hasn’t got one already or you simply don’t like the earlier one.

Colorful Pallet Headboard

This is one of the finest wood pallet creations, this is a delicate wooden pallet headboard. This is quite free from un necessary carving or some crazy additions. This is left pretty straight and simple. And lastly very well stained matching to the rest of room interior.
DIY Pallet Headboard

This is not primarily about saving some bucks, but this is also about the ease that is given by the wooden shipping pallets. Just like this simple wood pallet recycled bed with pallet headboard. Though a broken and pretty rough pallet is used here but it still looks great especially in the wake of wooden flooring on the ground.
Doubel Pallet Headboard

Again we have resorted to a simple headboard that is quite free from some un necessary modifications. What we did exactly, we just took a shipping pallet, disassembled it first, fixed the pallet planks in pre measured pattern, and fixed the headboard along with the bed.
Pallet Bed Headboard

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Wow, this is something classic. Infact a headboard with sheer demonstration of artistic skills. Despite of the differently colored shipping pallet planks that we obtained from different pallets, we made the differently sized planks that have really turned to be a classic wooden pallet headboard.
DIY Pallet Headboard Ideas

Here we have got a simple wooden bed, but what we did for its beautification, we have made this beautiful wood pallet recycled headboard. We did some painting on the wooden sheet, we added a couple of racks on the headboard, and also installed a couple of fancy lighting installations.
Pallet Headboard Art

This is just the smartness of our pallet wood crafters that bring us such exquisite recycled items, just have a look on this beautiful wooden pallet headboard. We also added a rack on the upper side, and we used random wooden pallet planks, this could also be seen as wall art idea.
Pallet Headboard Idea

If you are concerned about the lavish looks of your room interior and you are not in mood to bring in something rustic or rough, try this artistically articulated wooden pallet headboard and do some fine sanding on the frontal layers.
Pallet Headboard Ideas

While talking about a specific shape of shipping pallets we can figure out that they have got a certain shape that look great already. Wooden planks are fixed with equal intervals, gaps are spared according to a set pattern, so I think using a straight shipping pallet as a headboard is also a great and artistic approach.
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