Wood Pallet Garden Chair


We really feel proud that we have done so much work that you would find it hard to pick out one wood pallet project for the time being because there is such a vast variety of different wooden pallet creations. Even you would have to go through a large number of articles here even before picking an ordinary garden chair made with the wood pallet. But the good thing is that each single wood pallet project is different from the other one. For instance this wood pallet garden chair is going to be completely different from the rest that we have created so far.

Wood Pallet Garden Chair

This is apparently not an ordinary chair made out of the shipping pallets. We have done a lot of home work prior to its creation as we had to add feature that isn’t that common at all. Plus we also worked a lot on the arm rests and the collection of the shipping pallets.
pallet garden chair

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This is a complete package of comfort and luxury along with style. It has got a wide spread leg rest too that would take care of your legs while some longer sitting sessions in the garden and would minimize your tiredness while sitting in the same posture.
recycled pallet garden chair

It has got those tiny holes in the arm rests where you can fix your peg or any other beverage you are enjoying in the open. The arm rests are also reasonably sized to make them look perfect comfortable and according to the rest of the design.
wood pallet patio chair with footrest

The pallets employed for this job were pretty fresh and clean. Plus we have also done some art demonstration by drawing these sketches of birds that are another symbol of nature and liveliness. On the whole this is a very reasonable wood pallet chair that is an ideal installation for outdoors.
recycled pallet garden chair

Created & Shared by: Clan Carpentry

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