Pallets Wood Wardrobe


What do you do with your pallets now days? Well, for me this is not a question worth it. I mean for the person who is literally a pallet lover and is a true art crafter, this question bears no meaning. For me the pallets are more of an inspiration that a mere wooden object. Lets immediately get back to some real business. Today we are going to discuss a pallets wood wardrobe. We have turned the pallet wood into countless practical furniture items. Just like them, we are going to make a wooden wardrobe recycled with the pallet wood.

Pallets Wardrobe

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Lets chalk out all the possible modalities that are considered while making a wardrobe. How do you want your wardrobe to look? Well, it should be tall, it should have ample space, it should be durable structure wise. It should have some specified drawers as well. While the design should also be appealing enough to grab attention. All of these desired features are going to be demonstrated in this pallets wood wardrobe. As this would be entirely recycled with the wooden pallet, so certainly it would have a rustic look. And you can make it as big as much you want it to be keeping in view your needs.
Pallets Wood Wardrobe

Now turning towards the project itself, the wardrobe displayed here is a raw rustic pallet wood wardrobe. It is pretty huge and big in size offering you ample space. It also has the additional wooden drawers where you can preserve your valuables. It hold multiple cabinets and drawers giving you complete freedom of accommodating most of your daily use accessories inside it. Still it would not run short of space. So this pallet wood wardrobe is going to be another superb addition to the rest of your furniture collection.
Wooden Pallet Wardrobe Pallet Wardrobe Plan

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