Wood Pallet Bed with Storage


A bedroom is especially associated with a master bed. That literally means that a bedroom is incomplete without a proper bed. And when we go out in the market to buy some branded bed for our room, we are literally shocked to hear the sky rising prices. It was a major factor that compelled us to go for the pallet recycling. And pallet in this regard has proved to be the most suitable wooden object. Today we are working on a project of upcycling a wooden pallet bed with storage which certainly is an additional feature foe a common sleeping bed.

Wood Pallet Bed with Storage

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We have recycled countless pallet furniture items including wooden couch, sofas, benches, wardrobes and many more. We have also made many pallet wood beds, but today we are working on a project slightly different that is a bed with some additional storage. For sure storage is a rising issue in the busy life of our age where we most of the times run short of storage space for our daily use accessories. So this rising problem of storage space is addressed here this pallet wooden recycled bed with some additional storage. Try making this one in your next project.
Pallet Bed with Storage

Now lets have a look on the structure of the pallet wood bed with storage. It has the bas like all other conventional beds, but in the below it has many empty spaces which are used for built in long drawers here. This is great innovative idea for a bed with storage. Already available empty spaces of pallets are very smartly used and turned into storage hack ideas by the master crafter in upcycling this master bed with the wooden pallet. Undoubtedly this bed is far better that the simple ones we usually have in our house despite of their heavy prices.
Pallet Bed Idea

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