Repurposed Wooden Pallet Table


A table is one of the most important furniture items that is used worldwide in house, offices, bars, cafes and restaurants. A good sitting arrangement can never be complete without a properly designed and place wooden table. Though the tables are made with different materials but most importantly they are made with the wood. Today we are going to recycle a wooden pallet rustic table. A table does not necessarily hold one unified design, it certainly varies in shape color and other features. The rustic table we are going to recycle with pallet wood today is also pretty different in its shape design and appearance.

Project Pics10

The table that we are presenting here is going to be an exceptional item because we have followed such a useful pattern in the recycling of this particular table that would cater a lot of your needs. The built in space that can be seen from this angle is one of the biggest incentives.
pallet wood table

Well, this is the view of the table top, we have sanded it profusely with all the expertise and finally we have placed a layer or compound that is used for filling the marks and scars to further smoothen up the texture.
recycled pallet wood table

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These cross angles are fixed to ensure the strength of the wood pallet repurposed table. Not only it has added to the strength of the table but it is also an element of the beauty of the wood pallet repurposed table. And the lower tier of the table would be the biggest incentive where you would be able to place a large amount of accessories.
pallet table with drawer

Looking at the drawer this is pretty clear that the drawer isn’t that much spacious where we can expect some larger spaces for storage. While the lower tier is actually the portion which was desired by most of the users.
upcycled wood pallet table

Look at the metallic knob that we have attached to the drawer, this was lying idle in my backyard being attached to an old dumped wooden furniture item. I just plucked it out and right at that I had made up my mind that I am going to use it in the repurposed wooden pallet table that I was planning at that time.
wooden pallet table table plan with pallet wood

This wooden pallet table is so exquisite and shining that it can also make its place even inside the lavishly decorated room because it has got no scars or marks that would endanger the beauty of your room interior.

Created & Submitted by: Guam’s Pallet Gal & Guy

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