Table Made With Reclaimed Cable Reel


What exactly do you know about a cable reel? Well, this is a wooden object which is used to preserve the larger and heavier cables normally used in bigger projects. These cable reels are made with the low quality wood usually so that’s why they do not cost much. So how it would sound if we talk about making a table with reclaimed cable reel? Certainly it would sound great. As this is going to be pretty cost effective. Plus it would also be very durable. So lets talk on all the possibilities of making a cable reel table.

Reclaimed Cable Reel

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As it is shown here in the picture, we see a very balanced and durable cable reel recycled table that is also having reclaimed metallic legs. These metallic reclaimed legs are probably borrowed from some other broken furniture article that was of no use any more making it completely cost effective. Look at the upper surface of the table where you can see a wooden circular top that is made using the one side of cable reel. This is left unstained in its very rustic look making it much attractive. While the metallic legs which are also borrowed from some dumped furniture item that was trashed due to its bad condition so the legs are reclaimed. Just some fine sanding is done on the wooden top to make its surface smooth. And the metallic legs are firmly joined with the wooden top.
Table Made With Reclaimed Cable Reel

A cable reel table has all the qualities we expect from a market based expensive table. This table made with reclaimed cable reel is light in weight, it is pretty spacious, its rustic outer look is pretty attractive to the eyes. It can serve multi purposes at the same time like dining, or placing some accessories during work.
Cable Reel Upcycled Table Reclaimed Cable Reel Table

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