Simple DIY Pallet Bed Plan


Many of our subscribers have asserted on the fact that many of our recycling plans are without the basic instructions. They opine that when they are provided with some basic instructions it becomes even easier for them to execute the plan. Here in this article we are going to present a simple DIY pallet bed plan where we would be rendering some of the basic instructions. So before getting started, arrange a bunch of wooden pallets. Preferably they should be pretty fresh. After collecting them work a bit on the basic tools that you would require during the entire process. Have a fine hammer, some nails, steel screws, glue, miter saw, and sanding paper. You would also require a pair of gloves and some big goggles while cutting the pallet planks. So it is the time to get started in your domestic workshop.

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DIY Pallet Bed

First of all put the whole wooden pallets one on another just the way they are done in the picture, now nail and screw them firmly all together. After nailing them fill in the gaps with adhesive glue of high quality to make the bond even firm. The basic frame of your DIY pallet bed is all set. Now take a whole pallet and fix it on the corner or frame vertically, fix it with screws and nails and again use the glue for proper bonding and filling the gaps. Finally do some proper sanding to smoothen up the surface and texture of the pallet wood. Finally you can paint it according to your choice. But here we have left the bed unstained, in its naturally rustic color. Put on some durable and luxury mattress, and your DIY pallet wood bed is all set to be used. These rough pallet wood creations need no make up but they carry their own charm.
Easy Pallet Bed Plan

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