Two in One Folding Pallet Table Bench


Though most of our pallet wooden products are made in the simplest manner carrying the simplest and easiest pattern just with the intention to encourage more and more wood pallet crafters who are just amateur beginners. But this doesn’t imply that our fellow crafters haven’t got the ability and guts to make some tricky wooden pallet recycled furniture items. And this would be reflected from this two in one folding pallet table bench. Do you guys like the idea? I am already excited to hear about this pallet wood repurposing idea, a table which would also become a bench as well.

pallet folding table

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First of all let’s talk about the top of the bench cum table. This is actually a sliding table that can be removed when needed, and again brought beck with just a minor gentle push. This one in itself is a great idea of smart storage hack.
recycled pallet folding bench

Now this is another angle of the pallet wooden table cum bench. We have removed the upper table on the back, and it has become now a full fledge bench that could be ideally used in the outdoor spaces especially green landscape and the patio.
wood pallet recycling idea

Let’s talk about in how many other ways this beautiful pallet wood upcycled creation can be utilized. Well, depending on your smartness, this can also be turned into a pallet wooden couch, look, doesn’t it look awesome? I think this is really a very smart turn that is taken by the pallet wood two in one folding pallet table bench. These shining mattresses placed here to ensure the comfort and ease are really compatible with the nature of this wooden pallet creation. One more important thing is the quality of the shipping wood pallets. They were all selected very cautiously as we knew something exclusive is going to be recycled.
pallet wood folding benchCreated and Submitted by: Weldom (Blain)

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