Pallet Tip Out Trash Can


Since we have deeply indulged in the wood pallet extravaganza, so now some strange and insane ideas are coming to my mind. I am a bit bored from the straight wooden pallet sofas, couches, tables, cabinets, shelves etc. I am just wondering if I could make something exceptional which would be immensely exciting and useful. Then I just struck an idea and I thought to recycle a pallet tip out trash can. So immediately I started working on the feasibility and came up with a very smart plan. Here in this article we would be discussing the same pallet tip out trash can.

Pallet Trash Can Idea

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Though we have already recycled a bunch of wooden trash cans, but most of them were pretty straight and simple. Since I desired to do something different then this very idea struck to my mind, even my wife was also very excited when she heard of this tip out trash can made with the pallet wood. Because she is always up with some delicious recipes inside the kitchen and she faces bunch of garbage on daily basis. And she is severely allergic from the bad odor that becomes intolerable if the garbage is kept in open.
Pallet Waste Bin with Storage

This is the basic quality of this tip out trash can that it would literally lock out the piles of trash and their odor as well inside this wooden pallet trash can. It would be having a huge removable door on the top which would be carrying a built in trash box or can inside. And from outlook, it would just look like a random wooden installation preventing all the bad smell and messy look. So I think all the people who are much concerned with total cleanliness inside the house must give it a try to experience a change.
Recycled Wood Pallet Plan

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