Pallet Bed with Lights Underneath


A bedroom can not be considered to be complete without a master bed. A bedroom is meant to be place where you have rest, and a place named after the bed can never be complete without a proper bed. There is a huge variety of luxury beds out there in the market. A few of them are cheap in price but most of them are pretty enough to drain your wallet. Trust me you are going to be amazed at hearing the sky high prices of furniture products. So why not to recycle a bed with the wooden pallet?

Pallet Bed with Lights Underneath

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Pallet is something that gives me immense pleasure while working on its various projects. Years and years have passed away since the day I have started working on the upcycling ideas of wooden pallet. The time is gone far back when I used to get scared of the finances when I had to replace some old furniture item with the new one. I have started recycling the wooden pallet at my own and I have made up many of my dream projects that I could not find at any market based shop. If I was happy with the color, then shape was not good, if shape was satisfactory then space became a matter of concern. But this repurposing of wooden pallet has given me complete freedom to go according to my choice and priorities.
Pallet Bed

Lets talk about a bed that is repurposed with pallet wood, and it has lights underneath it. A great lighting effect enhances the beauty of the place a hundred times. So how would it sound if your very own bed is having lights beneath it? Near to a magical effect, isn’t it? Look at this marvelous art craft. Whole of the bed is recycled with the wooden pallet while some color lights are installed in every gap of the pallet wood.
Pallet Bed with Lights

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