Pallet Garden Bench Ideas


Pallets have really proved to be such a handy stuff so far. They have been such a source of pleasure and satisfaction throughout our journey of recycling. So today we are going to gear up for a new project. We are going to work on numerous pallet garden bench ideas. These garden benches would be upcycled using wooden pallets as basic material. Their designs and shapes would vary accordingly but the basic material pallet would remain the same. Like here in the first project, it is a simple yet delicate garden bench using fence as its back.

Colorful Garden Bench Using Pallets

Now turning towards the next garden bench. It is again upcycled with the wooden pallet in its entire structure. Nothing else is used as some additional material in its making. Neither it is stained or varnished. It is left in its pretty natural condition which is quite rustic and dingy. Though the pallets were slightly deteriorated but still there is no doubt about the durability. It is best to be used anywhere outdoor. Its rough and rustic look would compliment to the surrounding a lot. This pallet garden bench can also be used in your patio due to its appropriate size and shape as well.
Garden bench out of reclaimed wood pallets

Have a look on this fine pallet wood garden bench. Its shape is pretty unique, and its size is quite large. It can accommodate a triplet of persons at the same time. You can see that three whole pallets are used in making its base structure. It is also well stained matching to the fence walls. This garden bench is probably made for a very well managed and designed garden where all possible care has been taken in maintaining the theme arrangement. This is literally escalating the beauty of green landscape. A truly beautiful addition.
garden potting bench from pallets

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As we discussed earlier that these garden benches are going to vary in their size and shape accordingly but all of them are going to be upcycled with the wooden pallet. So here is probably the simplest garden bench of the day. Look at its basic design and structure. Just a straight sitting space is there along with the conventional back. No additional pallet planks are used to create some additional storage space and this is designed to accommodate two persons at a time. Simple yet appealing article of wooden pallet garden bench it is. You can see a similarity in the color of pet dog and the garden bench.
Paller Bench plan

Now switching towards our next project, we find out that this is a unique curvy garden bench. Probably the design is inspired by the seating arrangement imitating a car seat that might be a vintage car. Though the size is pretty huge yet its designed for seating of three persons at the same time. This pallet garden bench is not stained or varnished but just sanded well. Arm rests are pretty stylish in a circular shape. So it is a complete model of a stylish industrial garden bench. Probably the finest of all so far.
Pallet Garden Bench Project

Getting towards the last but not the least, this is a long and large multi purpose pallet garden bench along with fine planters on the both ends. Obviously once again wooden pallets are upcycled as garden bench cum planter in this project. The pallets are not stained but only well sanded. The middle sitting space is joined with both the cornered planters. You can use it as a garden sitting bench and as a decent planter at the same time. Due to its unique design, you can place this garden bench in your patio too.
pallet bench cum planter

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