Pallet Made Chest / Toybox


Kids are a real blessing of God. A house is almost incomplete without the kids. We do love our kids more than anything else in the entire universe. That’s why I always keep bringing piles of toys for my kids. Even they love their toys a lot. But since they are having the toys in bulk so our house remains messed up with toys most of the times. I always wanted to keep the toys arranged. So I thought of recycling a wooden pallet chest or toy box. This would be equally perfect to store the toys or any other thing that I want.

Pallet Made Chest

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Since I had plans of repurposing the wooden pallet into some chest cum toy box, I also had intentions to design it in such a manner that any thing even other than toys could also be kept in that. So I worked on the feasibility an design and I ultimately ended up with some extra ordinarily great design that is equally workable as chest or even some toy box. Currently I am using it as a toy box and even my kids are loving it. At the end of the day when they are done, they just save their toys in this pallet upcycled toybox.
Pallet Chest

Just look at the structure of the chest, this is entirely made with some fife wooden pallets. This repurposing is done so decently and smartly that it could easily be used to serve multi purposes at the same time. Though it is not stained but it still looks great in its natural woody color. Look at its space, it is going to be just more than enough for a lot of your stuff. This also has some safety lock to ensure the safety. You must try this pallet recycled wooden chest cum toybox.
Pallet MadeToybox

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