Antique Oak Table from Pallets Wood


Having a look on the title would have left you in a great confusion right? We are here to sort out your confusions and to answer you queries about wooden pallet recycling as it is our specialty. We have worked a lot on the wooden pallet recycling and we have produced a number of furniture items that has earned us lot of praises and appreciation. Today we have thought something different from the routine work, just to bring about some change. So today we are going to recycle an antique oak table from pallet wood.

Antique Oak Table from Pallets Wood

Having a look on the title, you would have given it a second thought that what exactly is going to be the basic timber in making this antique table, oak or mere pallets? Yeah you are right. This is something that really needs to be addressed effectively before getting started.
Table from Pallets Wood

So the plan is that we are going to use some planks from the oak, and the rest of the structure of this antique table would be recycled using the same wooden pallet planks. The purpose of using oak in basic frame is to just give it an antique look.
Pallet Table Shelf Ideas

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This article of ours we are discussing today is important from each and every perspective. A table is need of every house hold, and while talking about some conventional furniture items, a wooden table is most important among the rest of furniture items. So a pallet is something that is always desired.
Pallet Table with Drawers

The tables we have recycled so far in our previous projects, were mostly made using mere wooden pallets. Some other materials used in the basic structure were metal or plastic. This is the very first time we are going to use oak in any of our project along with pallet wood.
Pallet Table with Shelves

An oak is basically a tree or a shrub. But in the general terms a specific kind of tree is named as oak, and its wood is pretty famous in conventional wooden furniture items as it has relatively a longer estimated life. So in a way or other, it would be increasing the durability of our antique oak and pallet wood table.
Pallet Wooden Table

Something that makes me exciting in this project is its antique nature and looks. Antique is something that belongs to ancient times, or vintage. So this is going to be a pretty exciting wooden pallet and oak table.
Upcycled Wood Pallet Table

Now let us be holistically specific about the antique oak table from pallet wood. As we said earlier that we are going to use some planks of oak, and the rest of structure is going to be recycled using wooden pallet planks. So the upper shelf or cabinet of this huge table is made using oak, while the base of the table and its entire frame is recycled with wooden pallets. The depreciated and stained look of oak is generating an antique look of the table. While same roughness is maintained on the lower part of this antique table. Use it as computer table or just an antique piece of decoration depending on your mood.
Pallet Table with Vintage Look

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