Wooden Pallet Recycled Side Table


I am not sure about the history and origin of proper wooden furniture, but as far as the shipping wood pallet made furniture is concerned, this is just a few decades old and prior to that there was not concept of using the raw material of the shipping pallets in such a genius way. A side table is meant to stay erect on a side of the passage way and the prime and foremost purpose of the side table is normally the placement of some cute decoration pieces to add some more beauty to the interior.

Wooden Pallet Recycled Side Table

The side wood pallet repurposed table that we are intending to recycle today comes with the same motto. It is simply designed to be placed in some isolated and cornered space where it would be standing along or maybe along with a chair. And it would be carrying a couple of decoration pieces.
recycled pallet wood side table

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Looking at the table top we have concluded that some average rather more than good shipping pallets were brought in for this creation. Although they carry some very prominent scars of nails but that is something which we all should be prepared for mentally as who knew that these shipping pallets are supposed to be recycled in near future.
pallet side table with drawer

So finally it is erected here in a corner along with a wooden chair that was probably bought from the market. The height of the side table is obviously pretty high from the conventional coffee table and the ones we use beside the couches and benches etc.
pallet side table

Thick squared wooden legs are installed to ensure the durability of the wood pallet repurposed side table. And a slim table top is created intentionally as this is not meant to be ever used as a proper full fledge centre coffee table, this is for mere decoration.
wooden pallet side table

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