Reclaimed Pallet Cable Reel Table


We have done a lot of work of recycling the wooden pallet so far. Many of these ideas are practically being used in our daily lives. A cable reel is a circular wooden object that is used to carry the heavier cables that are used under ground. This cable reel is also made using the wooden pallets. Because to avoid much cost expenses, some low quality wood is used in making these cable reels. And look at our smartness and cunning nature, we have turned these cheap wooden objects to a completely useful furniture item, pallet cable reel table.

Cable Reel Table

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A table is just a supportive wooden or metallic object that just caters your needs like putting on some accessories, or to carry some stuff, or just to place your cell phone and keys. There is no limit of needs that are associated with a table. So it means you never have just enough of them. That’s why we have sorted out this issue very smartly. We have saved you guys a lot of bucks by providing you the cheapest material in the form of pallet cable reel, and we have also turned your bunch of trash into a useful table.
Pallet Cable Reel Table

Now let’s have detailed look on the said reclaimed pallet cable reel table. It is not entirely structured with the wooden pallet cable reel, but its base is reclaimed from some vintage sewing or embroidery machine that had been dumped. So its lower frame is reclaimed from that embroidery machine. While the upper portion is one whole wheel of pallet cable reel, and that is simply installed upon the cable reel table. Now this is an economical, durable, and stylish table that you can use on multiple places depending on your needs and priorities.
Reclaimed Pallet Cable Reel Table

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