Inspired Pallet Furniture Ideas


To attain the pallet wood isn’t at all a tough task for us. Shipping pallets are all easily available in our surroundings. We can find them easily on various construction sites, we can also make some arrangements to attain them from some mega stores, they just trash them out after they receive the product that was being carried in the pallets. So we can buy the pallets against some minor expenses. If you still haven’t made arrangements for some pallets just make it quick because we have brought again some inspired pallet wood furniture ideas right here in this article.

pallet in vintage look

We have built a small pallet wood repurposed pergola along with the long L shaped wooden sofa. What we actually did here, we stained them all with the same color, and the wooden pallet pergola has also got some lighting globes hanging that is a beautiful addition.
garden pergola deck out of pallet wood

Making this wood pallet upcycled bed was literally a tough task for us because the design that we opted to recycle is a bit complicated with various extensions. The headboard of the pallet wood bed is made along a shelf that can be used to display some of the decoration pieces that you always want to see around you.
wood pallet headboard

If we see on the set up closely, this seems to be some venue of a restaurant or café where the furniture is arranged quite formally. While the good thing about this is that the entire furniture range is made using the pallet wood.
pallet patio furniture with decor

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And this is probably the roughest pallet wood creation that we have recycled so far in this article. This wood pallet repurposed bench would just do great in the outdoor. We just painted it randomly, this is a three seater pallet wood bench along with comfortable armrests which make it an ideal furniture item for outdoor.
upcycled garden bench with pallet recycled pallet bench

On, now here is the most appropriate pallet wood couch for your indoor with a lot of sitting space and it can accommodate the whole of your family at the same time. What we did actually, we just created some built in space inside the couch where the cushions and pillows can be stored.
recycled palllet couch with storage

Again a wide and comprehensive wooden pallet recycled sitting space is created here where we see wooden flooring done with the same pallet wood planks. We see a number of pallet wood coffee tables along with a large wooden pallet sofa.
pallet deck and pallets floor

And this room deems to be the belonging of some pallet wood fanatic who has over stuffed the place with all the pallet wood creations. The delicate room shelves along with the tall room side tables that are all made with some fresh pallets.
pallet wall idea

And lastly we didn’t forget to bring something great for your outdoor spaces and we recycled this pallet wood wall planter. This can also be used at the same time as a vertical garden. Its multi tiered racks can best be used to place some planting pots, along with a couple of decoration pieces as the part of garden décor ideas.
pallet shelf and pallet pots pallet kitchen closet pallet chair on wheels wood pallet chair garden swing made with pallets patio pallet for kids

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