DIY Table from Pallet Fruit Crates


You know what, variety and change is the very basic asset of our website. We consider the repetition as a sin, or a worst crime for some crafter. That’s why we work so hard to always bring you guys some of the newest and best ideas of wood pallet recycling. In this DIY table from pallet fruit crates, we would be making a full fledge wooden table using the pallet fruit crates. So without any delay, let’s get to the work. Here is the list of accessories you need.

Four to five fruits crates.

A miter saw.

Inches tape.

Sand paper.

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Nails and hammer along with some glue.

diy pallet table

This is the way we would be cutting the pallet wood planks to size according to the pre measure dimensions. We would dis assemble the extra fruit crate, make a tiny built in drawer for the table.
fruit crates table diy pallet tables

Now put all the four fruit crates on the ground in such a manner that their open portion is facing outward like shown in the picture, each end of a crate is fixed on the bottom of the every next fruit crate, in this way we would be forming a beautiful pattern, that is a bit unique for some conventional wooden table.
wooden fruit crates table

And we would place this structure on a pre established flat wooden sheet measure accordingly and also having built in wheels on the base of this wooden base sheet. This table is having additional storage space on all four sides, plus it has got a cute built in drawer too. And there is also some space right in the middle. Finally strike some brushes of raw paint, and this rough DIY table recycled with pallet fruit crates is all set to be placed inside your drawing room or bed room wherever you feel like.
coffee table from fruit crates

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